Growing boys

Wanted to take a moment to capture a few quotes and happenings before my brain loses them. I am almost 40 ya know! Enjoy!


  1. The Sunday after Thanksgiving we started discussing going back to school on Monday. Ash says from the backseat of the car: “Yes, my do wuv my new school, but my will miss you, mommy… (tears streaming down his face)… It makes my heart feel sad.”
  2. He often say things like, “When you kiss me, mommy, then my heart won’t break.”
  3. When I pick him up from preschool, he always asks, “Mommy, did you have a nice work?”
  4. It was so fun to see Ash and Skyler play over the holiday break. They are only 6 months apart, and they were little buddies for the first time. We have such a small family that lives all over the country, and Austin & Ash’s other cousins are in their twenties, so it’s special to have this time together. See video. (context: they were pretending they had x-ray laser eyes that allowed them to “freeze” the other person)


  1. Austin is into football lately, reeeeally into football. We think this started with the hype of Michigan’s football season this year, as he went to his first game at the Big House and everyone was more tuned in because of Harbaugh. Austin loves Michigan and also likes to watch highlights of NFL games, plays a football game on the iPad, and plays lots and lots of football (tackle, flag football, and other versions) in the basement with mommy and daddy and also on the trip with Uncle Jon. His favorite player is Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

austin football

2. Austin has gained a lot of patience lately with Ash. He will purposely lose races, help Ash win at games and let things go so that Ash doesn’t have a meltdown. This has been an awesome development.

3. Patience is not my strong point. I had a parenting fail moment recently that showed Austin’s growing maturity. Austin and I were trying to play football outside, and Ash was having a total meltdown. (Joe, aka: my sanity, was not home). Ash just wouldn’t let up with the incessant crying, intolerable stubbornness and just 3-yr-old-ness. I started to lose my cool and say things like, “ok, well, good luck, Ash – we’re going outside anyway” and other parenting gems. At one point, I noticed that Austin was trying to console both Ash and me, since he realized I was so frustrated and worn out. I looked at Austin and said right to his face, “Wow. You are officially being more mature than your mom right now.” He knew it, too. He gave me a “yeah, i know” face. It was weird to experience a 5-yr old behaving with more emotional resilience than a 39-yr-old. I was proud of him and it helped me to mindfully snap out of my impatience and frustration.

That’s all for now!

Hope everyone’s 2016 is off to a great start!



4 thoughts on “Growing boys

  1. Loved all of your recollections. Loved having you and the boys during Christmas vacation. Dave and I also noticed Austin’s growing maturity. It is such fun to watch both of the boys expand their horizons!
    Love you, Mom

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