…that we don’t put our kids in button-up shirts very often:

Ash: Mommy, what are deese? (pointing to his shirt) Are deese belly buttons?

…that we need to work on Ash’s ABCs:

Ash: a,b,c,d,h,i,j… h,i,j,k,lama lama p

…that Ash is the most resilient kid ever: 

  1. when he got his most recent shot, he didn’t even shed a tear and said “I love my ouchy!”
  2. after capsizing in the kayak and floating down the cascades backwards in his life jacket, Joe said, “see, you said you wanted to go swimming today!” Ash immediately smiled and said “oh yeah, you’re right!!” 
  3. since Austin rarely lets Ash win a race, Ash will proudly shout, “MY GOT 2nd PLACE” even if he is actually first. 

…that Austin is really, really tall:

austin tall

…that Austin is still working on his emotional regulation:

threatening to pour the rest of his milk on the rug when it was time to get ready for bed

…that Austin is attempting to understand consequences while helping mommy to emotionally regulate:

not pouring his milk on the rug

…that Ash loves his big brother:

Doctor: Ash, who is your best friend? Ash: um…Austin!

…that Austin needs/appreciates time away from Ash:

Austin: Mommy, I really like it when I get to spend time with just you. 

…that our kids are just like all other kids who try to locate an object:


…that I need/want/hope to start blogging more:

last post: 5 months ago


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