Kid Convos

Austin conversations:

Austin still loves pondering and asking questions about death, which I’m totally OK with.

The other day we were visiting a neighbor who is known as the “duck lady” because she has tons of ceramic and wooden ducks around her house and garden. She invited us inside to pet her cat and give the kids a cookie. Austin always asks about her dog, who died.

Austin: “Why did he die?”

Me: “Well, he was very old and it was time for him to die.”

Austin: “Will her cat die?”

Me: “Someday.”

Austin: “Oh. Well, where are her kids?”

Me: “Her kids are all grown up, honey, they live with their own families now.”

Austin: “Yeah. Or maybe they’re dead!”

I almost lost it with that one.


Austin still likes pretend play with firetrucks and ambulances (ambeelinces). He’s very concerned when anyone gets hurt and *always* wants to see the cut or bruise.

Ash fell and his head is bleeding? Can I see it, please???

Someone threw up? Can I see it, please????

Dead mouse on the sidewalk? Can I see it, puh-lease????

I think he would make a great doctor because he’s not squeemish about blood or anything gross and he’s also very concerned with keeping people safe.

Anyway – he was driving a small ambulance around on a play mat with different buildings and landmarks. The game went like this…

Ambulance driver, Austin! Someone needs help over at the hot dog stand! They burnt their hand on the stove.

Austin: Hospital or doctor?

I think just the doctor; it’s not too bad of a burn.

Austin: Ok, I’ll take him to the doctor right away! 

Oh no, an emergency at the circus! An elephant got loose and stepped on a man’s foot!

Austin: Hospital or doctor?

Hospital this time — his foot is broken.

Austin: Did he break any bones?


Austin: How many bones?


Austin: oooh, that’s a wot! Too bad it wasn’t two bones!

Oh no – trouble at the ice cream stand! Someone has brain freeze!

Austin: Hospital or doctor?

Well, I guess the doctor, but brain freeze isn’t really serious.

Austin: Why not?

It’s kind of just a joke.

Austin: Why is it a joke? 

Sometimes people’s heads hurt when they eat cold things too fast.

Austin: But, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Hospital or doctor? 

[Me: slap hand on forehead]


Ash quotes with translations:

“My dat!” or “Me dat!” = I want that, or that’s mine, or give that to me now

Mmmm = what Ash calls Joe for whatever reason

“Oh hum, mmmm” = Oh, thanks, daddy

“My do jo! My do jo!” = my cookie!

“My do boo bus?” = Can I ride the blue bus?

“Me ha-ha dorge?” = Where is my monkey, George?”


2 thoughts on “Kid Convos

  1. Hi Momsie! Thanks much for sharing about Austin and Ash. More doctors are needed, and it’s a very rewarding profession, so encourage and promote his interest in people’s injuries and helping them. Austin would be the first medical doctor on the Pehlke side. Now, for Ash, too early for any indications. Love, D

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