tiny superheroes
Tiny Superheroes!
photo 1
Having fun at County Farm Park


photo 3
Uncle Jon with a lap full of boys
photo 4
Funny mirror!
photo 5
It’s fun to ride on Uncle Joe
Cutie boys!

We had a fantastic time with Uncle Jon, Aunt Tara and Cousin Skyler during their week-long visit to Ann Arbor in May. It was so hard to say goodbye!

The kids had so much fun playing together.  Lots of time spent in the basement and in our yard and neighborhood. I wasn’t sure how it would go with Ash and Skyler since little ones aren’t typically great at sharing. Mostly it wasn’t an issue, but it was funny to watch Skyler hoard toys away from Ash and hide them behind his back, and Ash would get a tad bit jealous if mama was giving Skyler too much attention. Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Austin was an amazing big sib/big cousin. He really took on the role of “leader” of the kids and tried to ensure that the little kids were getting along and happy. He did this pretty well, unless he was busy petting Aunt Tara’s long braided hair (just like Elsa’s hair from Frozen) or having a meltdown about one thing or another.

Some of the things we did together: threw rocks in the river, fed the ducks pieces of graham crackers, played with our neighbors Evan (2.5 yrs) and Miles (2.5 yrs) and Ryann (15 yrs but a kid at heart), blew lots of bubbles, rode on all sorts of bikes, trikes, big wheels & plastic cars, went to the Hands On Museum, visited the birds and went for a nature hike at the Leslie Science and Nature Center (we’re cultivating little hikers, Grandpa Dee!), hiked and played at County Farm park, and shared lots of smiles watching the little guys experience life together!

Kid quotes from Skyler’s visit to Ann Arbor:


“Yu–p.” he really accentuates the “p” at the end
“I going to the basement nowww.” translation = i will be in the basement playing for as many hours as possible — don’t bother me.
“It’s me, Skyler!” In response to, “Who’s this little guy in the living room?!”
“Rice buddies!” translation = at the dinner table we’d all eat a bit of rice at the same time so Ash and Skyler would take a bite

Sidenote: Skyler actually eats sautéed spinach on a cracker for a snack. How amazing is that!?


“Skyler is driving right now. He’s only 2. Maybe you can both drive?” (protecting Skyler at the park when some bigger kids were trying to bully him out of the tractor seat)

“Can Uncle Jon and Aunt Tara and Skyler live with us forever?”


“Mama – Me!”
“No, this!” (no, dis!) translation = Why can’t you understand what I’m saying?! I want this!!
“This – Me!” (dis – me!) translation = I want this or I did this
“What is this?” (whaziziz?)
“Right there!” (wite dare!) in response to = Where’s Mama? Where’s Dada? Where’s Austin? Where’s Skyler? Where’s Uncle Jon? Where’s Aunt Tara?
“Big rock!” (beeg wock!)

Wish we all lived closer!


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