I realize I post a lot about the drama we experience as parents. Mama drama? (Maybe that should be my blog name?)

I want to make sure I also blog about the everyday stuff these crazy kids do and say.

Ash cracked me up yesterday. I wish I had a video. He is really starting to say more words, even if they’re hard to understand. One of his favorite words to say is “bye.” We went for a walk around the block and he said “bye” to everything we encountered along the way. He says “bye” like this: “buy-yyyyee” so you have to imagine it drawn out like that.

Bye, house! (bye howww) As we’re leaving the house.

Bye, dog! (bye woof woof) He can’t say dog so he just makes the animal noise. Adorable.

Bye, cat! (bye meow) He said this one at least 15 times as we were walking away from the cat. He says the “meow” in a high pitch.

Bye, rock! (bye wock)

Bye, bee! (bye beeeee) This could be an actual bee or any other bug.

Bye, rock with a bug on it! (bye beeee wock!) This was ridiculously adorable.

Here’s a quick video.


2 thoughts on “Ash

  1. Would love to see a video of Ash saying “bye” to everything. How absolutely adorable!!
    Love, Mom and Nana

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